What are the types of cake prepared for birthday?

Every one needs a special cake for their celebration. Cake is delivered with unique concept and theme usually. unique birthday cake singapore is mostly preferred by people that is selected for the children and adults. Birthday cakes are the main part of our celebrations. They tend to play main role for its decorations on other important works on it.the cakes that ere usually developed for its importance of celebration. Cutting a cake is an ancient method and this is best for celebration. There are many types of cakes. Few cakes are prepared in a pan and most of the cakes are prepared in the oven.few degrees of temperate is selected to place the cake in the pan and this is heated. A\the baked cake ad its batter is prepared by few methods like, mixing the cake for its consistency along with the gg in it. The egg is tapped and placed into the batter and is blended with the blender. The cake mix is placed on the vibrator to remove voids. The cake has unique styles of presentation.

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They are:

  • Pin ball cake
  • Lift up cake
  • Baked cake
  • Cool cake
  • Creamy cake
  • Tapping caking

Latest  models like tapping cake and lift up have become so familiar. Tapping cake is beating the cake with one tap on to it.lift up is something where there is a cover and foil from which if the paper removed from the top them the angel head gets the dress full of cake material form it.this is so unique. Ball tapping cake is something which is place don to the tapped it hammer to the top of the cake and it breaks and the chocolate inside give delicious taste. Such type of unique type of cake is so elegant and is new trend now a days.